Married Couples Can Claim £1,256 Refund From HMRC - Eligibility Must Be Checked First

Married couples are due refunds of £1,256 but the refunds must be CLAIMED. This is why millions of couples are owed this refund from HMRC but haven't yet received it. Using this FREE eligibility checking service you can find out quickly and easily if you are eligible to claim and it helps you get your money if you are.

What's happening?

Back in 2016, the Government introduced the ‘Marriage Allowance.’ It applies to both married & civil partnership couples, of which a whopping 2.4 million of them are now due a refund of £1,256* each. Couples can even receive a refund for the previous 4 years. From our own investigations here at MA&H we have discovered how easy it is to find out if this applies to you. All you have to do is use the newly created ‘FREE Marriage Allowance Check’ service.

Help with the Cost-Of-Living Crisis

Too many people in the UK are now struggling due to rising energy, fuel and shopping prices along with interest rates going up. It makes sense to get whatever help you can. If you are a married couple owed £1,256 from HMRC our advice is claim it now. This FREE checking service will tell you if you qualify and help you claim your refund.

How do I find out if I'm due a refund?

The Marriage Allowance Check is a completely free checking service! It is also registered with the Information Commissioners Office, registration number: ZB048800, and all data is securely protected by GDPR. From our own testing of the service we found that it takes approximately 2 minutes on average to give you your answer. It has also been awarded numerous 5 star ratings from the widely used ‘Trustpilot’ platform.

Once the check is completed and if you are eligible, you can also use the service to make your claim and get your refund.